Campaign Photos: 2023

You are always welcome to reach out to me for a free, no-risk consultation about whether I can help you in your campaign! My shots (or "products") includes the following options:

  • Headshots/portraits
  • Photos with family/pets
  • Shots interacting with constituents/supporters
  • Candid canvassing images
  • Photos in work setting, if possible

Good backgrounds for headshots and family:

Indoor options: I can bring lights and a reflector to photograph you at your home or place of business if you feel comfortable doing so. I am fully vaccinated and boosted, and I respect COVID health protocols. Other potential settings include:

  • classrooms (especially with young people/children as “students”)
  • office
  • conference room/hallway with constituents
  • Greene County Dems office (phone banking, writing postcards – may not be available until after primary, when applicable)
  • near courthouse (city official elections)
  • parks (to show a softer human side)
  • near trees (to emphasize sturdiness and “groundedness”)
  • nice buildings (such as red brick, or downtown - to give a sense of respect for history)
  • courthouse or law school (to show gravitas about upholding rule of law)
  • near a water source, such as a river or lake (to emphasize resourcefulness and greater perspective)
  • near a landmark or familiar site in your constituency (to emphasize place)


My goal is that you will have everything you need for campaign literature and ads. Please let me know if you have additional thoughts on settings or themes.




  • I do the editing - teeth, eyes, smooth skin, etc - but keep photos looking natural. Edits are included in the price of the shoot.
  • Shooting in bright light introduces harsh shadows and causes subjects to squint and feel uncomfortable, which shows in photos!
  • Thus, the best time for outdoor shots is the "golden hour" after sunrise or before sunset
  • Golden hour is dependent on time of year – let’s discuss!
  • Cloudy days are far more flexible - reach out about this and we will schedule

What you can expect:

  • I select 10-20 photos for each product above (such as "headshot" or "family")
  • I edit and send high-resolution copies to you
  • I will upload these to Google Drive
  • Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks


  • 1 hour: $175
  • half-day (4 hours): $600
  • full day (8 hours): $1000
  • Travel fee applies if outside of Springfield, MO


Book by contacting me at [email protected], 417-268-8436, or by clicking “Book a Session” on my website 

  • Invoices will be sent upon completion of edits. I ask that you please complete payment within 15 days
  • There is an option to pay via card, check, or cash (in person).
  • Payment can also be sent to:

Chiles Creative LLC

1126 S. Weller Ave.

Springfield, MO 65804